041: Fear of Open Water and The Power of Overcoming it 2/3 with Bryan

March 22, 2019

Don’t fear the teacher. Fear IS the teacher! In part 1, Bryan told his humbling near-drowning experience and how he set out to conquer his fear on his own. A couple years later, Bryan uncovered another fear that lived deep inside of him that was holding him back from who he wanted to be. He had the choice to continue turning his head or take his fear face on. Episode 41 shares this story. 


040: From Pain to Purpose with Khalil Rafati

March 14, 2019

Khalil is author of “I Forgot to Die” and the founder/owner of SunLife Organics. From the ground up, he built the concept around offering the most nutrient dense, organic, plant-based food with a high value on convenience. Today they have 10 locations and 4 more babies on the way this year, with no intention of stopping any time soon. When you hear Khalil’s story, you’ll understand the intimately deep desire to surround himself with the healthiest things in this world, thus born SunLife Organics, and his yoga studio Malibu Beach Yoga. Homeless and addicted, Khalil hit a rock bottom that may seem impossibly irreversible.

He’s redefined the word transformation, rewritten the story of a Phoenix rising. “If I can do it, you can” tends to fall short. There’s typically not enough information or inspiration behind those words to ignite the flame, but after hearing Khalil’s story and hearing him say just that, you WILL believe it. You WILL believe we are all birthed with infinite opportunity. 






039: Cool, Calm and Collected with Bryan

March 4, 2019
Cool, calm and collected. What does this really mean? Bryan believes it’s approaching a situation KNOWING that you can, that you are able, ok and equipped for it. Focusing on what is, rather than what is not. Understanding that circumstance is not truth; it's temporary. It's knowing that you will take away knowledge and wisdom from this; it's a teacher to you. Perhaps most importantly, it's NOT PERSONAL. 
In understanding this, you can approach a situation/difficult conversation from the driver’s seat, not as a helpless passenger anticipating a crash. YOU are in control of how you perceive and receive the world around you. 

038: Punch Fear in the Face and Help Others Do the Same, Noah Elias

February 22, 2019
SMOGgers, coming in hot, episode 38 has arrived! On todays episode, we talk about the the hard fought hours before and after your 8-5 work duties, and how to invest in them. Noah feeds us easily actionable ways to execute this and create the most productive, rewarding daily routine. No more multi-tasking constantly, watering yourself down, stretching yourself thin and being left only with an empty tank at the end of the day for your friends and family. 
In Noah's 30 years as a professional artist, he’s tapped into potential that most would immediately discount is possible. At 16, he started his hustle, riding his bike door to door trying to sell art - painting signs, posters, whatever people needed. Noah was gifted with an insane level of creativity and when his parents were divorced at 9, he stepped up to help his mom out and create more for his family. It was during this time of his teen years that things really started to pop. He was being commissioned to make art for celebrities, which opened many doors within the next handful of years to painting the cars for Fast and the Furious, partnering with Disney to paint his own versions of the characters (which are now highly sought after works), creating the tattoos on Pink for music videos, branding campaigns for Lexus, Toyota, MTV, Microsoft, Lucas Film and more! 
The most beautiful piece of Noah’s story are his charitable and ministry efforts. Noah and his wife Chantel launched a home in South Africa the “Ingane Forever Family Home” which has helped rescue and care for AIDS Orphans and those with special needs. Noah has built a life of significance, not simply of success. Noah created Noah University, helping mentor entrepreneurs worldwide into their calling and helping creatives and artists grow their platforms for a life of impact. 
SMOGgers, this epsisode is JAM PACKED, so grab a pen and paper or take notes on your phone. Noah unloads some serious nuggets of wisdom and inspiration this SMOGcast. 

037: Safety in Vulnerability; Bob Hasson on How to be Honorable

February 15, 2019

Bob Hasson is a businessman and leadership consultant. His greatest passion is strengthening leaders and organizations, with specific focus on developing sound organizational structure, fiscal responsibility, and dynamic relationships on leadership teams.

As CEO of R.M Hasson Painting Contractors, Inc., which he founded in 1978, he established the company as a trusted partner serving general contractors across the Western United States.

For over thirty years, he has been active as a consultant and board member for churches, ministries, non-profits, and school boards, and his wisdom has been sought out by many leaders and organizations.

On the episode, Bob Hasson unpacks over 30 years of wisdom from the business world. What is one thing we need or crave? Safety. He emphasizes the power of leadership; not from a place of ego, but from a place of compassion, love, honor, and open ears. The power of community is a big part of what Bryan and Bob enjoy sharing.


036: Fear of Open Water and the power of overcoming it 1/2 with Bryan

February 8, 2019

After Bryan’s 3 part series chronicling his anxiety based around competition and the internal struggle of not being good enough (032-034), Bryan reveals his first experience with fear, which was an open water swim. It all occurred in a lake in Texas. Conquering lake swims ultimately brought him to the Pacific Ocean in California where he both swims and coaches daily today. Unknowingly, Bryan was creating the methodology he uses today with clients around the world. Take a listen to his humbling story and his actionable advice to overcome your own fears!

035: No Excuses, No Hesitation: The How to GET IT DONE with Katya Meyers

January 31, 2019
From New York, to New Hampshire, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and most of her childhood in Kentucky, Katya was transplanted from one small town to the next. Growing up in these rural areas, she thrived off of the tight knit feel of small town community. Katya has always been the athlete who shows up early and is willing to stay late. The athlete who keeps raising the bar, but keeps it to themselves, to be sure not to come off arrogant or overly confident. The athlete who will work until they get exactly where they want to be. From gymnastics to varsity crew at Stanford to finding triathlon at 19 to modeling to coaching, she’s always been ALL IN.
She took her pro card a few years into racing Ironman and 25 full ironman races later, she hung up the towel to be a full-time boy mom and wife, as well as a registered dietician. While she retired from racing pro triathlon, she is competitive in ultra running and throws down on epic cycling adventures.
On SMOGcast, Katya reveals her secrets to creating a go-get-em morning routine and how she presses mute on anxiety and excuses. She is the everywoman that knows how to commit, laser focus in on her goal and absolutely destroy it. Take a listen to the highly-relatable success story of Katya Meyers.

034: The power of Community in Overcoming Fear with Bryan Mineo

January 29, 2019

On part 3 of Bryan’s 3 part series chronicling his battle with anxiety and fear, he will catch you up to present day by sharing what he believes to be his most profound years of growth and evolution. Playing in his high school grunge band instilled confidence in himself, in knowing that people did in fact want to see who he truly was, in all of its awkward/goofy/sarcastic/unique ways. Bryan needed a collective of like minded folks to be there as he stepped into his fears and tested the waters of vulnerability. In breaking through to the other side of his specific fears (which  could be any fear/anxiety you have), it highlighted the truth that he could do the same with anything else in his way. Fear is learned and on this episode Bryan shares his biggest secrets of how to UNLEARN it. 

033: Creativity and self-expression, Bryan’s High School years

January 24, 2019

Bryan continues to share some of his earliest memories around anxiety and fear and the end of his swimming career. Bryan was confused that something he loved so passionately could also be so dreadful and vulnerable. He was his worst enemy when it came to performance and reaching his highest potential. 

From the pool, Bryan went straight to the drum set; he found an outlet that fulfilled his creative side, while having the support of a band, a community. 


032: Anxiety in a neon speedo, Bryan’s earliest memories 1/3

January 21, 2019

Digging back into the mental vault of your earliest memories can be vulnerable, at best, and terrifying, at worst. A strong foundation and scaffolding is being formed during these early years that will ultimately shape who you become in your adult life. 

For Bryan, he is where he is today for very specific reasons. His humble nature comes from a place of self acceptance, but this wasn’t always the case. In this three part series, Bryan reveals his world of anxiety and fear in his early years and in overcoming that, it’s become the hallmark for how he helps people today.