031: Unique is Beautiful, with Kelsey Abbott

January 14, 2019
Our guest Kelsey Abbott is a good friend and Bryan has also been on her podcast. When Bryan and Kelsey talk, the conversations take a beautifully free form shape that explores all over the place. On the SMOGcast they talk about how to define JOY and how to always see the joy in life, in the small, unassuming places. They discuss the intrinsic and universal nature of love, and much much more. 
Our guest today is a Confidence Coach & "Instigator of Joy", a writer, a speaker and host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. Kelsey helps driven humans learn to really truly love themselves,  and embrace their own unique greatness and as she says, their SPARKLE. 
Before becoming a Confidence Coach, Kelsey was a nationally-recognized science writer and marine biologist, working in DC, Seattle, Hawaii and Barbados, training dolphins and studying killer whales in the process. A competitive swimmer for most of her life, Kelsey transitioned to triathlons where she now competes at the national and international level.   
Instagram: @kelseyabbottcpc
Get your free meditation series here: https://www.kelseyabbott.com/
Listen to The Find Your Awesome Podcast: https://www.kelseyabbott.com/podcast/

030: Dream Bigger, Go Longer and Be Happier with Alyssa Godesky

January 4, 2019
Today’s guest without fail will inspire you. Inspire you to dream bigger. Inspire you to approach the seemingly impossible goal. Inspire you to give it your ALL. Alyssa found endurance sports as a college student after entering the JFK 50-mile on a whim. Today, as a professional triathlete with over 45 ultra marathons and 30 iron-distance triathlons under her belt, she went on to face the biggest challenge/dream of her life. The Vermont Long Trail. A brutal 273 mile trail running the length of the state that happens to be the oldest long distance trail in the US, constructed in 1910. Somewhere along the way people began formulating the crazy idea of hiking through the enter trail in one fell swoop. Alyssa not only did this, but she set the record for the FASTEST KNOWN TIME in 5 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes. 
On today’s SMOGcast we talk about the power of building a dream team, the support crew that will be by your side for anything in life, we talk about being prepared in life and how it truly will make or break you, we talk about finding success by trying your best and much much more.

029: Authenticity, creativity and wackiness with Goodr CEO Stephen Lease

December 28, 2018

CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) of Goodr, Stephen Lease has truly created something out of nothing. After a humbling realization that his athletic style had gone too far, Stephen set out to simplify the athletic eyewear space for the better... err Goodr. 

Stephen and Bryan talk openly about the importance of being true to who you are and more importantly, finding a community that supports and celebrates that. Stephen spells out his secrets to finding a niche in business and creating perpetual success. 


028: Brussels Bombing Survivor Sees Fear As An Illusion

December 21, 2018

Sebastien retired in 2015 from a 15 year professional basketball career and life was good. On the morning of March 22, 2016, Seb’s world changed forever. Terrorists bombed the Brussels airport where Seb was traveling through. Nearly losing both of his legs, Seb committed to a life of overcoming perceived limitations and spreading his message that fear is an illusion we can all break down. 

Bryan and Seb talk openly about what goes through the mind when you’re breaths away from death, the happiness that comes from focusing on quality over quantity and loads more. Enjoy these profound lessons from Sebastien Bellin. 


027: The Swim Mechanic on Cold Water Acclimation

December 17, 2018

Winter races usually mean cold water swims, so acclimation is key. The Swim Mechanic breaks down the process and explains how we perceive cold is both mental and physical. Acclimating to cold water is mind over matter and of course, practice. Bryan gives practical tips about how to prepare and practice for cold water using visualization, breathing, ice baths, and open water swims. Hint: visualize all the warm things!



026: The Joy of the Death Race with Stef Bishop

December 13, 2018

Stefanie Bishop is a modern day renaissance woman and the true embodiment of adventure. Having left a full-time career on Wall Street, Stef took a leap of faith to embrace her passion for adventure and ultra endurance racing. Everything she does is with a massive smile and all of her heart. Stefanie has won some of the most difficult endurance races ever, including Worlds Toughest Mudder and The Death Race (3x)! 

This conversation is all about listening to your gut and living from a fearless place of gratitude. Stef uniquely articulates the undeniable power of smiling and finding joy in every opportunity life delivers. 


025: The Swim Mechanic on Finding the Perfect Wetsuit

December 10, 2018

With hundreds of suits to choose from these days, selecting the perfect suit can be overwhelming. It's most important to understand what makes a great wetsuit and what makes a great fit for your body. The Swim Mechanic details what to look for and the features that matter most.


024: Finding Vitality, Longevity and Happiness with Tommy Cassano

December 6, 2018

Meet Tommy Cassano, an explorer and researcher in the areas of longevity, vitality and movement. He’s an executive coach, an uber outdoor adventurer and has run several 50 and 100 mile races around the country. Tommy created an incredibly successful proprietary detox program, helping people transform their lives; mind, body and soul. 

Today Tommy and I talk about quieting the “critic” and bravely moving in the direction of your life’s unique purpose. We talk about overcoming debilitating fear that can compromise your entire quality of life, and much more. Connect with Tommy at www.tommycassano.com !


023: Swim Mechanic on Open Water Tempo

December 3, 2018

Tempo is king in open water! The long, gliding stroke of pool swimmers sadly has little value for an open water swimmer and the swim mechanic will teach you how to dial in your ideal stroke rate. This locomotive, higher cadence will create greater efficiency and power in your freestyle. 


022: America’s Most Wanted, Cain Vincent

November 29, 2018

From decorated Marine to family man to America’s Most Wanted in three simple steps. Cain’s story is truly one of a kind; a transformational story of a man who turned his life around after a career in bank robberies and heroin addiction. 

On this episode of SMOGcast, Bryan asks Cain’s advice to other’s on how to truly look in the mirror and face the deeply-rooted fears from childhood. Today Cain mentors incarcerated men, is a motivational speaker and a spiritual advisor at the Agape International Spiritual Center.